Customization and Integration

Combilent builds bespoke products to exceed client requirements while utilizing industrial-grade components and market-leading technologies. Whether we are making modifications to one of our existing models or creating a branded OEM solution from scratch, our products are always thoughtfully designed, rigorously tested, and fully integrated. We excel in:

  • High level of integration = small, more features in the “box”
  • Milled filters: high power handling in small size including low PIM
  • Milled filters: high rejection close to band pass, low insertion loss
  • LNAs – low NF and high IP3
  • Electronics: power supply, control, SNMP, webserver
  • Ceramic combiners, ceramic filters
  • Monitoring: Tx frequency selective, receive line

Combilent products incorporate industrial grade components, accelerated lifetime testing and industry leading functionality and integration.

All our products are highly customizable. We also work with integrators to custom design solutions specific to their unique needs.

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Transmitter combiners

Combilent provides both cavity combiners and hybrid combiners as well as full combiner/receiver multicoupler systems.

Filters / Duplexers

Combilent offers custom design filters: high power transmit filters, receive filters, and duplexers.


Combilent offers Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) / Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA) and the associated RMC for control and distribution to the receivers.

The Combilent TMA/TTA is small, has low noise figure, and low weight.

Receive Multi Coupler

Combilent offers Receive Multi Couplers (RMC) with integrated Rx-filter and low noise/high linerity amplifier. 


Combilents monitoring products are:

  • Composite Power Monitor
  • Frequency Selective Power Monitor
  • Receive Line Monitor

The monitor can be stand-alone or integrated with combiners, Tx-filters and duplexers.



Combilent offer racking of the combiner system including combiner, filters and monitoring.

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